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TENDAI MWARI {Be thankful unto The Creator}


The Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement was founded in January 1987. We are a Liberation Movement based upon an authentic Afrikan-centred Spirituo-Cultural philosophy called Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement and the Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist ideology and legacies of The Most Eminent Prophet and King – His Excellency: Marcus Mosiah Garvey and The Eminent Prophet and King: Omowale Malcolm X. Our mission is expressed in the meaning of our name:


ALKEBU-LAN is an ancient name for the Afrikan continent, thus representing the Afrikan Land, people and culture before invasion, conquest and enslavement and therefore our original and natural way of life – the basis of our historical greatness.


REVIVALIST means, we intend to revive our original and natural way of life, as our birthright, as well as, our only source of self-empowerment.


MOVEMENT means, we intend to grow into a mass Movement, waging a spirituo-cultural revolution, aimed to ultimately attain, our total Liberation, the glory of MWARI (The Creator) and Muzimu-Mukuru (our Great Ancestors) and a higher quality of human existence.


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Alkebu-Lan Livity means Living according to the Divine teachings and traditions of our Mother Culture.

In pursuit of our mission, we will develop an Afrikan-centred Spirituo-Cultural order with its philosophy and faith, steeped within our authentic Ancestral traditions, for the purposes of:

  • Liberating and restoring Afrikan Spirituality as the centre and foundation of Afrikan life.
  • Recultivating and restoring the Afrikan personality, through living and practicing Afrikan culture.
  • Recultivating Unity and synchrony in the lives of all Afrikan people, grounded in Afrikan culture.
  • Providing a source of spiritual wisdom and moral guidance for all Afrikan people.
  • Rescuing all Afrikan People from false and alien religions.

To this end we will:

  • Promote Afrikan-centred sacred texts, as our source of moral guidance and spiritual wisdom.
  • Promote Afrikan-centred modes and structures of worship and observances.
  • Establish temples of worship and edification, named IPET’ISUT (holiest ofplaces).
  • Promote Afrikan-Spirituality as the authentic Spirituo-Cultural basis of Nationalist Pan-Afrikanism.
  • Promulgate Afrikan-Spirituality amongst all Afrikan people.
  • Develop life-sustaining & life-enhancing Afrikan-centred programmes and institutions (incl: spiritual, political, educational, social, economic, defence & security, media, communication, health, research, sports, games, entertainment, recreation, etc), based on the principles of Afrikan community and nation building.


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NATIONALISM: Afrikan people building and maintaining autonomous nations and communities with institutions designed to promote, preserve and protect Afrikan lives “by any means necessary”.  Nationalism is founded upon one fundamental principle and seven essential principles.



RACE 1ST: Race Awareness and Cultural Emancipation first: i.e. putting the survival and prosperity of our people and culture before all other considerations. This being the only logical and viable response to the worldwide racial oppression and genocide facing us as a people.



  • PROUD HERITAGE: Valuing and restoring Afrikan heritage {land, history, culture, spirituality} as our only true source of identity, philosophy, ideology, resources and empowerment.
  • SELF-GOVERNANCE: Complete control, rulership and leadership of Afrikan nations, communities, institutions and resources by Afrikan people in the interest of Afrikan people.
  • SELF-RELIANCE: Depending upon our own resources {human & material} and institutions for the production and distribution of goods and services, to fulfil our own needs and desires.
  • SEPARATISM: Exclusiveness in philosophy, ideology and organisation, as opposed to integration and assimilation into the systems, societies, philosophies, and institutions of others.
  • SELF DEFENCE: Defending ourselves “by any means necessary”, against all forms of oppression and exploitation, or threats to obtaining and maintaining our liberation.
  • LAND ACOUISITION: Striving for the acquisitions of land, {at home and abroad} as a sacred right, as well as, the basis of nationhood, power, revolution and therefore our total liberation.
  • REPATRIATION: The process of returning all Afrikan people (mind, soul, and body) ultimately to Mama Afrika as our natural homeland.



PAN-AFRIKANISM: The total Liberation and reunification of Afrika and all Afrikan people and the establishment of one continental and global Afrikan-Nationalist government and Ma’atian (Maat – Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Harmony, Balance Reciprocity & Order) world order. There are 3 central themes of PAN-AFRIKANISM which include:

  • AFRIKA FOR THE AFRIKANS AT HOME AND ABROAD: – All descendants of Afrika are its only natural and rightful citizen’s, owners and rulers and must therefore reaffirm this legacy.
  • LOOK TO AFRIKA: – All Afrikan people must be Afrika focused, spiritually, culturally, politically, economically and intellectually, as the only authentic source of our philosophy.
  • ONE JAH, ONE AIM, ONE DESTINY: – All Afrikans are one, in blood and spirit and must thus unite continentally and globally, towards one spiritual, cultural political



LIBERATION: The process of obtaining the power to control every aspect of our lives, exercising the right to define, defend and develop ourselves as masters of our own destiny.


By Liberation we do not simply mean, Equality, democracy, independence, integration, assimilation, reform, Reparation, Anti-apartheid, Anti-colonialism, Anti-slavery, .Abolition,. civil rights, human rights, equal rights, equal opportunities, Justice, positive discrimination, humanism, humanitarianism, universalism, Racial harmony, multi-racialism/multi-culturalism, progressivism, socialism, liberalism, etc...


Which are euphemisms (weak terms) aimed to trivialise, neutralise, pacify and divert us from our fight for total Liberation.