Origin & Ethos

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TENDAI MWARI {Be thankful unto the Creator}

The Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement was founded in January 1987, as a Liberation Movement, embracing the Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist ideology {see: What is Alkebu-Lan?}.

Nationalism, was then, one of two prominent political ideologies, within the ‘conscious’ Afrikan Community, inciting vigorous debate, as to the correct liberation ideology for our people – the other was Socialism. The Socialists argued, that our enemy and the cause of our oppression, were the aristocracies (ruling classes} of the world and their systems of capitalism and imperialism. They asserted that we were oppressed, based on class and not race and advocated as the solution that: “workers and oppressed people of the world, must unite and fight.” The Nationalist, however, argued that we suffered oppression and genocide, as a people, based upon our race, at the hands of other peoples (primarily Europeans}. They asserted, therefore, that our enemies were the peoples who oppress us and advocated as the solution that: “all Afrikans globally must unite, organise and fight for our total liberation.”

what was still lacking, however, was an adequate emphasis on the need to restore our emaciated spirituality and culture. Given the essential and empowering role of culture, in the lives of any people and the central and vitalising function of spirituality, in the culture of Afrikan people, this was a vital pre-requisite for attaining our total liberation. Evidently, this was the reason for their destruction, by the oppressor and the imposition of his alien culture and religion upon us; thus, inducing the pathology of self-hate, self-alienation and moral bankruptcy, manifested in: skin bleaching, hair straightening, mixed relationships, disunity, domestic violence, Black on Black crimes, tribalism, drug abuse, paternal delinquency, etc. Aware of the deadly nature and potency of this vicious form of “cultural imperialism”, we wholly endorsed the axiom: “The only way to defeat an alien culture, is to live your own.”

Despite general appreciation of this fact, attempts to put it into practice did not extend far beyond symbolic dressing and the occasional observance of traditional rituals and ceremonies, such as libation, naming, marriage, Kwanzaa, etc.

What was needed, fundamentally, however, was the institutionalisation of a holistic Afrikan spirituo-cultural order. One which, would permeate every aspect of our lives, engaging us in daily observances and practices, designed to preserve our natural identity, self-pride and morality; thereby recultivating our authentic Afrikan Personality and a synchronised culture. Integral to this, would be the restoration of our communal value system, thus laying the foundation upon which to build a disciplined, united, organised and productive community. This would, of course, incorporate an accountability structure, to address any inappropriate or unscrupulous behaviour and associated ‘walls of silence’ within our community (a growing concern, especially amongst sisters}.

Pursuant to this, we adopted a spirituo-cultural philosophy/faith, called ALKEBU-LAN LIVITY, (see: INTRODUCTION TO ALKEBU-LAN LIVITY}. Our first programme was ‘Fellowship – a monthly communal gathering of spiritual worship and cultural expressions.   We then established a Children’s Programme, to raise the profile of our children and their needs, ensuring that our philosophy/faith culture and liberation thrust would be transmitted to them. We also studied and implemented traditional customs, rituals and ceremonies e.g. naming, initiation, marriage, passing over, as well as, celebrations such as Kwanzaa, ALD, etc.

We are determined, to build upon this foundation and execute a liberation agenda towards fulfilling the vision of Papa Garvey, of a “free and redeemed Afrika.” We are confident that with the help of our people – WE WILL WIN! (See: What is Alkebu-Lan?}.

TENDAI MWARI (Be thankful unto The Creator)