12325419_10153500770977399_153062726_nBrother Leader Mbandaka is the Spiritual Leader of the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement, a Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist Liberation Movement founded on an authentic Afrikan Spirituo-Cultural Philosophy/Faith called Alkebu-Lan Livity and adherent to the Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist legacies of the Most Eminent Prophet and King, His Excellency Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the Eminent Prophet and King Omowale Malcolm X.  In addition to being a community activist and organiser of 30 years standing, he is a proud father of four and grandfather of one.  All of Brother Mbandaka’s work is Afrikan-centred, specializing in Religion and Spirituality, Education and schooling, Afrikan/Black history, Political Science and culture, Afrikan family dynamics, and Rites of Passage.

As an activist, Bro. Leader has made valuable contribution to numerous community Campaigns and was instrumental in envisioning the 30th anniversary commemoration of National Black People’s Day of Action in March 2011. Coming out of this initiative, he is the current co-chair of the interim National Afrikan Peoples Parliament, working towards the establishment of a National Afrikan People’s Parliament; a nationwide, independent, representative body mandated to promote, preserve and protect the best interest of Afrikan (Black) people in the UK.

As a Cultural-Educational Consultant, he specialises in raising the achievement of Afrikan-Heritage students through positive cultural self-identification and has authored the highly enlightening Book and accompanying DVD Education: An Afrikan-Centered Approach to Excellence. As a Pupil Advocate, Brother Mbandaka has successfully defended numerous Afrikan Youth against the injustices within the British Education system.  His work around Rites of Passage has received acclaim from across the spectrum of the Afrikan community, particularly his solution oriented emphasis on Afrikan youth overcoming the devastating cultural, psychological and social factors that continue to blight many young lives.

Through the Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement Bro. Leader has dedicated himself to the resurrection of the Afrikan way of life (“Return to The Way!”), through the building of Afrikan Institutions like Mama Afrika Kulcha Shap, The Alkebu-Lan Academy of Excellence, The Whirlwind Newspaper and Alkebu-Lan Blessings through which he revives and conducts Afrikan modes of worship and life cycle blessings (e.g. naming, passing over, marriage, initiation, etc.).

On the 20th January 2014, Brother Leader Mbandaka was appointed by President General Senghor Jawara Baye (9th Successor of The Most Eminent Prophet & King His Excellecny Marcus Mosiah Garvey) as the official UK Ambassador for the UNIA-ACL.

Bro. Ldr. Mbandaka is well versed and speaks eloquently and incisively on a wide range of subjects and is an in demand speaker at community events, conferences, seminars, workshops, radio and TV. He is well known for his ability to analyse issues from an uncompromising Nationalist Pan-Afrikanist perspective, crystallising the complexities, by simply talking it straight and making it plain.