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Afrika Speaks: Will more armed police make us safer?

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Jul 24
HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174   In the aftermath of what is now known as the “London Bridge Terror Attack” on June 3rd the police were praised for their ”fantastic” response that enabled them to find and kill the assailants in minutes – potentially saving many more than the eight lives that

Afrika Speaks: Deaths in custody – Will we ever get justice? Part 5

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Jul 17
HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174 Almost twenty years ago, Richard Tilt, then then head of the prison service declared that due to a genetic weakness, Afrikans were more likely than Europeans to die when restrained. (1) Not surprisingly uproar ensued and Tilt was forced to walk back his views and the

Afrika Speaks: Can we reconcile LBGTQ and Afrikan Liberation Politics?

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Jul 10
  HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174 It is not just society at large that is facing a pushback from the lobby variously described as LBGTQ (Lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer/questioning). (7) It appears to very much on the agenda for activists as well. By way of self definition Black Lives Matter,

Afrika Speaks: Do Afrikans really have a future in the UK?

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Jul 03
HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174 With much of community still trying to get to grips with the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Forest Gate in east London was up in flames and up to six police officers were injured during a protest against the latest Black Death in Custody – Edir ”Edson” Frederico

Afrika Speaks: Grenfell Tower tragedy: Is it “Murder”?

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Jun 26
  HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174 With concerns that have been raised resident’s groups for years about its potential to be a “firetrap,” the tragedy at West London’s Grenfell Tower on 14 June seemed eminently preventable. (1) The Grenfell Action Group claimed in November 2016 that ‘only a catastrophic event’ would

Afrika Speaks: What does the African Caribbean War Memorial tell us about our place in the UK?

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Jun 19
  HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174 We begin by offering prayers to those that have passed or are still missing in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower atrocity…   June 22nd is being regarded by increasing numbers as Windrush Day, (1) in acknowledgement of the landing at Tilbury Docks of almost