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Afrika Speaks: Rites of Passage: Does the “village” really exist?

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Sep 25
HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174   By now most most children will have settled into the new school term (to greater or lesser degree), while others that have previously been successful in navigating the educational terrain will be starting or returning to university.   The institutions of the UK have a

Afrika Speaks: Deaths in custody – Will we ever get justice? Part 7?

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Sep 18
  HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174   In an update to the case, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced on 13/09/17 that the police officer involved in the fatal restraint in 20 year old Rashan Charles is being investigated for gross misconduct. However, IPCC commissioner Cindy Butts was quick to

Afrika Speaks: feat Dalian Adofo of ANCESTRAL VOICES!

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Sep 10
  HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174   The Most Eminent Prophet and King – His Excellency: Marcus Mosiah Garvey famously declared “I will not give up a continent for an island!” (1) In other words the destiny of the Afrikan world community is inextricably linked to the Motherland. The context for

Afrika Speaks: How can we help our children survive the UK education system?

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Aug 30
HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174 “Black” students account for around 5.6% of the 8,669,085 primary and secondary pupils that will be returning to or starting school in England .  (1)  A range of emotions are likely to be expressed from awe, wonder and excitement to fear, trepidation and outright panic.  Some

Afrika Speaks: Can we build the UNIA in the UK?

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Aug 30
  HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174 GARVEY LIVES! MOSIAH LIVES! As the Mosiah Season 6257 (2017) draws to a close it is appropriate to take stock of the state of the global Afrikan community 130 years after the birth of he Most Eminent Prophet and King His Excellency – Marcus Mosiah

AFRIKA SPEAKS: Deaths in custody – Will we ever get justice? Part 6

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Aug 21
HAVE YOUR SAY: 02071930174 TENDAI MWARI GARVEY LIVES! MOSIAH LIVES! We begin by extending sincere condolences to the families of two recently fallen warriors that have passed into the Ancestral Realm. May the spirits of Baba Bankie Forster Bankie and Bro. Jaiyeola Bagbansoro rise on the wings of Ma’at after